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Lets Meet on Platform 8 – Carole Matthews ✶✶✶✶✶

Teri thinks she’s found the one, but is it possible that someone else has found him first? After knocking her down while rushing to catch the 6:07 from London, Jamie Duncan bandages Teri Carter’s knee, buys her new stockings, seats her on the train with her foot in his lap and taxis her home from the station. Not only is he a romantic hero, but he’s witty, charming, and eager to share their daily commute. Suddenly Teri’s life is “Brief Encounter meets “Wuthering Heights. But the she discovers Mr. Right is also Mr. Married. Jamie’s not the type to cheat, and Ten doesn’t want him to–or does she? After dating Mr. Lazy, Mr. Greedy, Mr. Completely Selfish, and Mr. Downright Pervert, can she renounce Mr. Right?

My Review:
WOW! If you know me or my blog by now you would know Carole Matthews is a favourite author of mine and I’m trying to read ALL her stories. Yet again I was not disappointed and loved this story, it had it all from lies, drama, affairs to love and loss. BRILLIANT. Highly recommended from me… This story is written well, easy to read and contains short chapters. I didn’t want to put it down! I loved the characters and I loved the setting especially as I love train journeys myself (means I can read for the journey). Another amazing story that blew me away! Enjoy, I did.

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