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Little Girl Lost – J.S. Marciano ✶✶✶✶

Once lost, are we ever the same again…?
A family is torn apart when a little girl is kidnapped while her family is on vacation. The press immediately turn on the family, blaming the parents for the young girl’s disappearance. Time passes and everyone begins to lose hope. But when a girl is found wandering the streets of Portugal alone, she is returned to her family and the case closed.
Yet something is not right.

And as little Rosemary Cathcart grows up, and her parent’s divorce, that feeling never really leaves her.Years later, after finding her boyfriend has been cheating on her, Rosemary flees to her brother’s home, where she quickly wears out her welcome. When her mother arrives and asks her to move in with her and her new husband, Rosemary decides to go to Jersey and work at her father’s hotel. But when she arrives she learns the hotel is close to bankruptcy and her father on his death bed with cancer.

Before he dies, he has secrets to tell that will change her world, and the world of everyone around her, forever. And it would seem that Rosemary Cathcart, once a Little Girl Lost, is still yet to be found…

My Review:
This book started off very well the first chapter had me hooked! But then the following chapters were nothing like the first chapter and it picks up again within the last few chapters. I did enjoy this book but I expected more after the first chapter, which is why I awarded four stars. I devoured this book in two days. I found it easy to read, fast paced and it contains short chapters. The overall story is a good one and is cleverly written but personally I just needed more because of that first chapter. I’ve never been so hooked so quickly before. I would recommend this book to you all if you haven’t read it already. I really loved the Character Ari as well within this story, what a hero. We all need a hero. Enjoy. I did.

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