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A Boy Made of Blocks – Keith Stuart. ✶✶✶✶✶

Alex loves his family, and yet he struggles to connect with his eight-year-old autistic son, Sam. The strain has pushed his marriage to the breaking point. So Alex moves in with his merrily irresponsible best friend on the world’s most uncomfortable blow-up bed.

As Alex navigates single life, long-buried family secrets, and part-time fatherhood, his son begins playing Minecraft. Sam’s imagination blossoms and the game opens up a whole new world for father and son to share. Together, they discover that sometimes life must fall apart before you can build a better one.

My Review:
WOW! I have been waiting forever to read this book and I was not disappointed. I can already say this will be in my top 20 books of 2017 and we are only still in January. A well deserved five stars and a book I would urge EVERYBODY to read. I use to work in a special needs school so I connected and understood Sam with all my personal knowledge about autism. I was hooked and read it in less than 48 hours. What a beautiful, powerful and wonderful story. This story focuses on little 8 year old Sam and his father, a certain part towards the end even made me sob my heart out because I was so proud of Sam.

I was so involved and in the story I didn’t want it to end and August needs to hurry up as I need my next fix by Keith Stuart who is a new favourite author of mine. This story is based on the authors own experiences with his autistic son which makes it even more of a heart breaking and heart warming story. I don’t have one bad thing to say about this story. A Boy Made of Blocks is one of those rare stories that generally impacts on your own personal day to day life. I would love to see A Boy Made of Blocks turned into a film. The world needs to learn and accept all these beautiful talented children who yes may be different but they are unique and we can help them within society by our own actions and awareness. Beautiful. I also learnt A LOT about Minecraft through this book and it sounds like a game I may love haha. Enjoy, I did. I really loved it.

This book will stay in my heart for a long, long time. If not forever. Thank You Keith, many parents out there are going through this daily struggle with their own children and this book lets them know they are not alone.

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