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*BLOG TOUR* The Place That Never Existed – Jim Ody ✶✶✶✶

For Paul and Debbie it was meant to be the happiest time of their lives. A small village wedding in front of their family and friends, followed by a quiet honeymoon in Devon.
Not everyone had been happy to see them together. A woman from their past refused to accept it. Her actions over the previous year had ended in tragedy, and had almost broken the happy couple apart.

Now, away from it all in a picturesque log cabin, Paul and Debbie look forward to time spent alone together… But she has found out where they are, and she will stop at nothing to make sure that the marriage is over… forever.

But Huntswood Cove isn’t just a beautiful Devonshire fishing town, it has its own secret. Recently, people have begun to disappear, only to turn up dead in suspicious circumstances. The locals begin to question what is going on.

Soon everything strange points to the abandoned house in the woods. The house that nobody wants to talk about. To them, it is the place that never existed.

My Review:
I want to start with the cover… Simple, yet draws you in and relates to the story well. A good first impression. This is the first book I have read by Jim Ody and it will not be my last. I awarded four stars. This is my kind of story. I was interested after the prologue as that caught my attention. The Place That Never Existed is written well, easy to read and fast paced with some brilliant Characters and settings. This is a well thought out plot and story which I would recommend to you all. I enjoyed reading this one. This book keeps you guessing till the last page. Enjoy!

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