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Happy Mum, Happy Baby: My Adventures in Motherhood – Giovanna Fletcher ✶✶✶✶✶

Being a mum is an incredible journey, a remarkable experience that changes how we look, how we feel, who we are. As mothers we are strong, protective, proud. We feel a love like no other.

But being a parent can be hard too. It challenges us physically, mentally, emotionally. There are the days where just managing to fit a shower in amidst the endless feeding, entertaining young children and surviving on a lack of sleep feels like an achievement. With so many people ready to offer ‘advice’ on the best way to parent, it can feel like you are getting it all wrong.

Since Giovanna and her husband Tom Fletcher have had their sons Buzz and Buddy, they have been sharing glimpses of their family life. With an infectiously positive outlook and happy take on all things mum-related, Giovanna has developed a following of fellow parents and mums-to-be.

This is not a book about how to have the perfect family experience – Gi would be the first to admit she is winging it just as much as the rest of us – instead it is an honest, upbeat and incredibly personal account of her own experience of having a family. In Happy Mum, Happy Baby Giovanna shares her own journey through parenthood and in doing so, she looks at what it is to be a mother today, encourages you to be confident in yourself as a parent and celebrates how putting a focus on being a happy and confident mum can really make for a happy baby.

My Review:
Now, I love Giovanna and follow her over on FB, I also have all her other fiction books which I haven’t got around to reading YET! I found myself in a bit of a reading slump (not being able to read anything). So I picked this up and just devoured it within a day!! It is brilliant. I personally do not read a lot of non-fiction but this was a must have especially as being a mother myself! Throughout I could relate to EVERYTHING, having been there and done that myself. It made me laugh, it made my cry it is such a beautiful book. It made me feel like I wasn’t alone and no matter how much I doubted myself and my parenting skills Giovanna made me feel much better about myself and highlighted that it is normal (THANK YOU!). A well deserved five stars and I will highly recommend this book to you all, especially all those mothers (and fathers) out there. Brilliant. I even sent a little message to Giovanna after to thank her as I am sure many of her other readers would have done. Enjoy!

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