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*BLOG TOUR* Hunting Angels (Box Set) – Conrad Jones ★★★★

The Box Set of A Child for the Devil and Dark Angel:
When an author is asked to help the police with the investigation into a double murder by identifying occult symbols, which had been carved into the victims, he is plunged into nightmare and forced to go on the run. Hunted by law and a powerful cult, he has to stay one step ahead to survive.

My Review:
This is the first time I have ever reviewed two books in one review AKA a box set so bare with me here. This box set contains two books in the Hunting Angels series:
#1 A Child For The Devil
#2 Dark Angel

These stories focus on the Nine Angels Cult, something I wouldn’t normally read through personal choice but I enjoyed them both and was surprised at how much I got into them. Very different from what I usually read. I must state these books do make references to child abuse, rape and torture which may not be to all readers tastes. These stories are both written well and easy to read but I did find they contained long chapters for me personally, as I prefer short chapters. I did find them both long reads but very worthy to read and continued with as I was hooked!

The opening chapter to A Child For The Devil… Just WOW! That was dark and evil and even made me feel sick, not for the faint hearted. But wierdly enough that is what got me hooked does that make me a bad person? After the first chapter though it all calms down and the story begins and what a wierd and amazing story that lies ahead for you. These stories especially the first felt so real for me, I generally thought poor Conrad Jones was going to die in real life and myself. I must admit I did actually research into the Nine Angels Cult and what I found shocked me (RESEARCH IT I DARE YOU!). These books have messed with my head! Will I die because I’ve written about the Nine Angels Cult on my blog and researched them? I really hope not 😦

You can really tell that Conrad has put a lot of time and research into these stories and it has paid off brilliantly. You’ve really shocked me with how much I enjoyed these stories. I would highly recommend these stories to you all, they may just surprise you too. I awarded a brilliant four stars for both these books and the box set overall! Cleverly written to make you believe it is real life. I need to calm down after reading these two.

Amazon Link (UK) << BOX SET £2.97
Amazon Link (US) << BOX SET $3.78

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