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*BLOG TOUR* Absolution – P.A.Davies ★★★

My Review; I’m going to start by saying I awarded a fair three stars. I must admit I would not have personally chosen this book for myself based on the cover, as I do judge a book by its cover and I don’t think this was my usual genre. Nevertheless I finished the book even though it took me a while. Absolution is written well and very thought provoking. It will make you think. You can tell it is a well thought out story and researched into. Its a very different story from what I usually read. I must also mention all the many characters within this story all individual and vital to the story in their own way.
P.A. Davies is a new author to myself and I would like to read more by this author in the future. I must warn you that parts of this book are hard hitting for the reader especially the prologue but not enough to put the reader off… If this sounds like a story you would be interested in reading get over to Amazon to buy it now!

Blurb; When the Militia entered the peaceful village of Nyanyar Ngun, South Sudan in 1992 – amidst the backdrop of a bitter civil war – it wasn’t in peace.

Soldiers of the SFL committed untold atrocities in that small farming village, before finally razing it to the ground. From a line of terrified children, boys were chosen to become recruits of the Militia, whilst girls were taken for selling within a market of odious buyers. Those who weren’t selected were either left to perish or murdered where they stood.

In a field of high maize next to the village, sixteen-year old Jada lay hidden and afraid, witnessing the merciless slaughter of his parents and the capture of his sister Kiden; powerless to stop it, too frightened to try.

But now – tortured by grief, consumed with shame and driven by guilt – Jada must embark on a long & arduous journey to rescue his sister from a sinister world and earn his absolution… or die trying!

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