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Before I Let You In – Jenny Blackhurst ★★★★★

Blurb; Karen is meant to be the one who fixes problems.

It’s her job, as a psychiatrist – and it’s always been her role as a friend. But Jessica is different. She should be the patient, the one that Karen helps.

But she knows things about Karen. Her friends, her personal life. Things no patient should know.

And Karen is starting to wonder if she should have let her in . . .

My Review; Before I Let You In is a story told through three best friends Bea, Karen and Eleanor. For me the start of this book seemed a little chick-lit until things started to get a bit wierd… The story is split into three parts, is written well and contains short chapters. Towards the end of part one had my draw dropping, every mothers worst nightmare. 

The further I got into the book the more I felt sorry for Karens character but that changed quickly towards the end of the book. I hated Jessica’s character throughout but changed my mind about her towards the end too. Everyones secrets are revealed in this story and they’re all shocking. Before I Let You In has an explosive, unexpected ending which will mess with the readers head and make you think whats what! Brilliant. 

A well deserved five stars from me. I have loved and enjoyed all of Jenny’s stories recently and would highly recommend them to you all. Brilliant stories that can keep a reader hooked throughout. 

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