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*BLOG BLITZ* The Abandoned – Sharon Thompson ★★★★★

Blurb; Peggy Bowden has not had an easy life. As a teenager her mother was committed to an asylum and then a local priest forced her into an abusive marriage. But when her husband dies in an accident Peggy sees an opportunity to start again and trains as a midwife.

In 1950s Dublin it is not easy for a woman to make a living and Peggy sees a chance to start a business and soon a lucrative maternity home is up and running. But when Peggy realizes that the lack of birth control is an issue for women, she uses their plight as a way to make more money. Very soon Peggy is on the wrong side of the law.

What makes a woman decide to walk down a dark path? Can Peggy ever get back on the straight and narrow? Or will she have to pay for her crimes?

My Review; This story is set in Dublin in the 1950s and starts off with a dark and deep prologue to capture the readers appetite fast. This is a brilliant story and different from the every day thrillers we usually read. This is crime, suspense and historical fiction together which has made an amazing story I devoured. 

The Abandoned is well written, easy to read, fast paced and contains short chapters. I could easily have finished this in one sitting and was very impressed. I enjoyed every minute reading this story, I was hooked. I am a big fan of historical fiction and this really is a book I loved and enjoyed.

I awarded a well deserved five stars and would highly recommend this story to you all, a must buy from me. Brilliant. High expectations are set for future books by Sharon Thompson an author to keep your eye on. A story you won’t forget quickly.

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