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Pierced – Thomas Enger ★★★★★

Blurb; Oslo’s top investigative crime reporter Henning Juul is still haunted by the death of his son. Every time he looks in the mirror, he sees the scars from the horrible fire that killed his six-year-old boy. So when he receives a message from convicted murderer Tore Pulli, he can’t stop himself from following up: “If you find out who set me up, I’ll tell you what happened the day your son died.”

Pierced follows Henning Juul to Tore Pulli’s prison cell, where the felon sends the reporter on a quest to find the real killer behind his false conviction. Juul knows the murders pinned to Pulli don’t bear his signature, but when Pulli is found dead of an apparent suicide, Juul begins to realize there’s much more at stake. As he digs deeper, he strikes up a fragile partnership with Iver Gundersen, a journalist now living with Juul’s ex-wife. Together, the two men rush headlong into a gangland power struggle, delving into an impenetrable world. Uncovering more questions than answers, Juul soon comes to understand that he has to find not one, but several killers—money-hungry men more dangerous than any he has encountered before—if he ever wants to solve the mystery of his son’s death.

My Review; Pierced is book number two in the Henning Juul series and the heat is on full in this story! Plenty of deaths throughout, mysteries and an unexpected outcome and shocker of an ending!

While yet again a part of the story has already been spoilt for me as I read book five first it still had plenty to keep my interested and hooked throughout. Who really set up Tore Pulli? And who really killed Jocke Brolenius? It will be the last person you ever expected! Brilliant. Well written story and plot.

Pierced is fast paced, contains short chapters and will have you suspecting EVERYONE and doubting yourself over and over. I am really loving and enjoying this series, very impressed. I wonder what lies ahead for Henning in book number three… A series I will be sad to complete. Highly recommend! But please read them in order!!!!

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