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*BLOG BLITZ* Mortal Outcomes – Dave Stanton ★★★★

Blurb; Bounty hunter Dan Reno never thought he’d be the prey.

When a pair of accused rapists from a New Jersey-based gang surface in South Lake Tahoe, bounty hunter Dan Reno is called in. The first is easy to catch, but the second, a Satanist suspected of a string of murders, is an adversary, unlike any Reno, has faced before. After escaping Reno’s clutches, in the desert outside of Carson City, the target vanishes. That is until he makes it clear he intends to settle the score.

To make matters worse, the criminal takes an interest in a teenage boy and his talented sister, both friends of Reno’s.

Wading through a drug-dealing turf war and a deadly feud between mobsters running a local casino, Reno has to hunt a ghost-like adversary who is calling all the shots.

The more Reno learns more about his target, the more he’s convinced that mayhem is inevitable unless he can capture him quickly. He’d prefer it to be clean, without further bloodshed. But sometimes that isn’t possible, especially when Reno’s partner Cody Gibbons decides it’s time for payback.

My Review; Mortal Outcomes is book three in the Dan Reno series and another brilliant story! I have read all the stories in this series so far and I think it is a great series, I look forward to the next book! I would recommend you read this series in order as the story does make references to past books in the series.

Yet again an action packed thriller that you won’t want to put down. Mortal Outcomes has it all guns, money, murder, fights, drugs and blood! Dan has a new case that he wont give up on, I found we got to see a lot more of Cody’s character in this book and a bit of Dan’s personal life towards the end which gave it that extra touch! This story also brings a bit of dark religion into it satanism which made things interesting!

I enjoyed reading this story, it is a fast paced read but does contain some long chapters. I awarded four stars and would recommend this series to you all! A happy ending for all in this story. I look forward to see what dan is up to next time.

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