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*BLOG TOUR* Without Consent – Sid Spencer ★★★★

Blurb; A story of a boys trauma through neglect and abuse. A forgotten child that survived and built a life of love and a family of his own.
A story of justice, of hope and of healing.

My Review; This is a true life, short story. I found it an emotional and hard read! It is not an easy book to read. Without Consent does contain child abuse and rape which are very sensitive and upsetting subjects but which sadly still happen in this day and age! It also highlights how many people hide or don’t come forward after being abused or raped no matter what gender.

This story does have very dark and graphic parts which can make the reader feel uncomfortable however, the author wants the reader to know his story and know exactly what he went through! I understand this book may not be to all readers tastes due to the subject within but the author does highlight how much we should all protect children, talk to children and listen to children. I awarded four stars… Links are below if you’re interested.

Amazon Link UK

Amazon Link US

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