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*BLOG BLITZ* The Last Thing I Saw – Alex Sinclair ★★★★★

Blurb; The perfect family. A moment that will change everything.

Emma thought she had the perfect life: a beautiful home, a loving husband and a gorgeous son.

She was wrong.

She wakes up in hospital, with no idea how she got there or why her husband and son won’t come to see her. What happened to Emma’s family?

As Emma tries to piece her memories back together, she remembers that her husband was hiding something from her, and that someone was watching their house.

She remembers that she was afraid.

Emma is desperate to find out what happened – and that her loved ones are safe – but remembering the truth could be the most dangerous thing of all…

My Review; Just give me a minute to pick my jaw up off the floor after that outcome and twist. Wow. Not expected at all and a true shocker! Wow. I devoured this book within a day and loved it!

I loved how the story was told through therapy sessions within the hospital… There is a lot of back and forth within this book but the author has made it clear when its changes so there is no confusion. A cleverly written, thrilling story you will not want to put down.

Can easily be finished in one sitting. It was brilliant. Would highly recommend this to you all. A well deserved five stars! A true shocker. Jaw dropping. Addictive. A real page turner. Loved reading every minute of this one.

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