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*BLOG BLITZ* Mark of the Devil – Tana Collins ★★★★★

Blurb; While Inspector Jim Carruthers and team are busy investigating a series of art thefts they receive an anonymous tip about the body of a young woman on a deserted beach.

The bizarre clues to her identity, and what might have happened to her, include a strange tattoo, a set of binoculars and slab of meat left on the cliffs.

The team’s investigations lead them to a local shooting estate and its wealthy owner Barry Cuthbert. However, Carruthers suspects Cuthbert is not all he seems and the DI soon starts to wonder if the cases of the missing works of art, the dead woman and the estate are connected.

Then when the body of a young gamekeeper is pulled from the sea tensions boil over. The trail of clues lead the team to the unlikely locale of Tallinn and into the sinister world of international crime and police corruption.

Needing answers Carruthers must look further afield than Fife. However, the closer he gets to discovering the truth the more danger he finds himself in.

Since everyone who crosses the vengeful killers seem to end up dead, can Carruthers solve the case with his life in tact?

My Review; Happy publication day! What a brilliant series, I have been lucky enough to read all the books so far and they just get better and better. This is the best one yet! Loved it.

Mark of the Devil is book three in the Inspector Jim Carruthers series and is best read in order as it does makes references to previous books in the series. 3 different cases to solve… But do they all link together? Will Carruthers solve them all in time.

A very fast paced read. It was lovely to be back with the familiar characters and team. I enjoyed reading this story and look forward to the next book already. A perfect series I would recommend to you all. Well written with a clever plot! Addictive. Can easily be devoured in one sitting. Another well deserved five stars.

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