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*BLOG BLITZ* The Doomsday Girl – Dave Stanton ★★★★

Blurb; Melanie Jordan’s life seemed perfect.

Until masked intruders arrive at her house, demanding gold she doesn’t have. A savage blow to the head puts her in a coma for four weeks. When Melanie regains consciousness, she learns her husband has been murdered and her ten-year-old daughter is missing.

Private Eye Dan Reno begins investigating, but nothing about the case makes sense. Was there gold at the house or wasn’t there? Was Melanie’s husband hiding something? And what happened to Melanie’s daughter?

To complicate things, the case leads to Las Vegas, where Reno’s loose-cannon buddy, Cody Gibbons, is trying to repair his relationship with his college-aged daughter, an intern with Las Vegas P.D.

When clues implicate Russian mobsters and a mysterious African illegal, Reno tries to stay in the shadows, but once the crooks feel the noose tightening, they raise the stakes to a deadly level.

And then, as they say in Vegas, all bets are off.

My Review; Happy Publication Day! The Doomsday Girl is book six in the brilliant Dan Reno series and is the final chapter, I am sad to have finished this series. It does read well as a standalone but would recommend reading the series in order.

Dan and Cody are back for their final case, could this be their toughest case yet? Will Dan be able to find the missing ten year old dead or alive? A brilliant, action packed, explosive ending for this series. They say qgo out with a bang and Dave certainly did that for the reader.

A cleverly written story, I found myself getting lost into this case and beside Dan wanting to help. I found the Doomsday Girl an easy and fast paced read even when it does contain long chapters. I have loved reading this series as a whole, something different within each book which keot this series refreshing. I would highly recommend to you all. Another well deserved four stars. A brilliant cliffhanger of an ending to, leaving the reader to finish the story for themselves. Loved it.

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