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*BLOG BLITZ* Murder in the Med – Peter Mayle ★★★★

Blurb; When a billionaire finds himself on the wrong side of a Russian tycoon, he’s fortunate to have friends, Sam and Elena, on hand to help him out. Now it’s up to Sam, who’s saved his friends neck before, to negotiate with an underworld hit men and Mafioso, in order to prevent his friend from winding up dead.

As usual, Sam and Elena still find time to enjoy the good life, but as Sam’s sleuthing draws him closer to the truth, he realizes his friend might not be the only one in trouble…

My Review; Murder in the Med was previously published as The Corsican Caper. This is a short story that can easily be read in one sitting at just 131 pages. A bite sized brilliant story. Perfect for those readers with busy lives.

Oh how the other richer half live eh? and a beautiful location for the story too. I did find it took me a couple of chapters to get into the story as it isn’t an everyday thriller we all read and love. Its different, unique and well written but I still enjoyed it nevertheless. Murder in the Med is packed with suspense and will keep those pages turning. A cosy mystery…

I felt that the main characters were very strong, determined and at times stupid and fearless characters! I awarded a well deserved four stars and would highly recommend this story to you all.

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