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*CONTENT POST* Finding Eva – J.A. Baker.

Blurb; Eva is desperate to find her birth parents after spending her childhood in foster care. She leaves London and heads to Whitby in search of her mother and father, after breaking up with her boyfriend, Gareth.

Gareth is furious with Eva. He loved her deeply and the disclosure she made when she ended the relationship is eating away at him.

Celia, Eva’s friend, is concerned about Eva. She has stopped answering her calls and when Celia goes to London to find her, she realises Eva has moved without telling anyone. Celia makes the decision to follow Eva to Whitby, concerned that Eva is unravelling. Both women have been damaged by their childhoods.

When Gareth also decides to go to Whitby, it is the start of a lethal situation.

Who exactly is Eva and why is Celia so concerned?

Some relationships are toxic. Others are deadly.

Author bio; J. A. Baker is a writer and reader of psychological thrillers. She was born in the North East of England too long ago to mention and has four children and a grandchild.

Her first book, Undercurrent, was published by Bloodhound Books in December 2017. Two more books followed – Her Dark Retreat and The Other Mother, all of which made it into the Amazon Kindle Top 100.

She still resides in the North East with her husband Richard and dog, Theo. She lives in a village in County Durham. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gardening and meeting up with friends and family.

She is working on her fifth book which will be published in December this year.

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I spent so long wanting to be published, so many years of rejectionand changing and fine tuning my manuscript that I gave little or no thought to what being published would actually involve; how the entire process would look. Now, after four published novels, I can honestly say that the past year and a half has been a huge learning curve and probably the busiest time of my life. (I did an MA whilst working full time with four children so when I say busy, I mean BUSY!) This is also due to the fact that I still work full time, so have to fit my writing in around the working day, cramming most of it into evenings and school holidays. I’m fortunate to have that time to be able to scribble away furiously, sometimes getting 20,000 words done in a week off work.

I had no idea whatsoever, how the world of publishing worked. Many authors had already self published but it was a completely new area for me, learning about editing and formatting and self promotion and having a presence on social media. Even creating an author page on Amazon had me utterly flummoxed. Although excited by it all, I don’t mind telling you, it was also extremely daunting. All of a sudden I was an author and people wanted to know all about the thoughts and ideas I had roaming around in my head. I had to do book signings, carry out online interviews, take questions from readers, have answers at the ready about my interests, favourite writers, where I got my inspiration from etc. But the truly nerve wracking stuff was making public appearances and reading in front of an audience. I’m not sure anything can prepare you for what that entails! It’s just one of those times where you don’t think too deeply about it and just jump right in.

I also naively believed that writers led secluded, slow paced lives, writing a few hundred words a day whilst pondering over the how they will spend their millions once they become a bestselling novelist. I can’t begin to tell you how busy my days are now I have a second job as an author. Even if I’m not writing, I am constantly thinking up new ideas, working out plots, trying to get them all to slot together in my head before they go down on paper. It’s a constant balancing act, fitting it all in. Ask my husband and he will soon tell you how my mind wanders to my latest book whilst he is talking to me.

I often find myself staring at him, desperately trying to recall what he’s just asked me while I was wondering about how long a body takes to decompose or how someone could tunnel their way out of a place if they’ve been buried alive. I’m a fairly reserved person but if people could see inside my head they would be horrified by the myriad, warped thoughts that I constantly have rumbling around in there.

I like to think I’ve now got a pretty good idea of what to expect when mynext book is released although the one thing I don’t ever want to get is complacent. The world of publishing is fiercely competitive and each new book has to offer something fairly unique and special and resonate with readers in order to sell. I am constantly on the lookout for new locations, places that will capture a readers’ interest, thinking of plots that will enthral, inventing characters that will spring to life on the first page, and of course, that all important first sentence that grabs a reader and draws them in.
It’s not easy, this writing malarkey and nothing like I imagined it to be. It’s way, way better…
J. A. Baker

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