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*BLOG TOUR* The Little Orphan Girl – Sandy Taylor ★★★★★

Blurb; Ireland, 1901: For as long as six-year-old Cissy Ryan can remember, she has been a workhouse girl. Living amongst the other orphan boys and girls, dreaming of a family that might come and choose her for their own.

But the day her real mammy finally comes to claim her is not how Cissy imagined. An unfamiliar woman takes her to a tumbledown cottage in the rural Irish countryside to meet her gruff granddaddy. Settling into the isolated and poverty-stricken village is tough. But Cissy’s blossoming friendship with Colm Doyle and his horse Blue show Cissy the kindness and laughter is possible, even in the hardest of times.

As Cissy grows up, she finds that the world around her is ever changing. When she goes to work at prestigious Bretton Hall, she begins to realise that not everyone has an honest heart…

In one moment, Cissy’s life is turned upside down and she finds herself on a boat to England, sailing away from all she holds dear. Will Cissy ever find her way back to Ireland and everything she knows? Or is there more heartbreak to come?

My Review; Oh my heart. Outstanding. This is such a beautiful heart-warming and at times heart-breaking story. This touched my heart! I felt all the emotions while reading this story, happy, sad, angry, disappointed, hopeful, excited and worried. This book will be going straight into my top 20 of 2018. It was just such a stunning book with a beautiful ending.

I absolutley loved most of the characters, especially Cissy and Colm! This story takes the reader back to the 1900s and is a story of Cissy’s life. You get a good idea of the town and setting within the story! I devoured and lost myself in this book, a brilliantly written story that I found an easy read! It also highlights the closeness of friends, family and the community especially back in those days everyone knew each other!

Brilliant. Five stars from myself. Highly recommend. A must read! You won’t regret buying this book. Beautiful. I can’t wait to read more by this author, a new fan!

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