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*BLOG TOUR* Someone Like Me – M.R. Carey ★★★★


Liz Kendall wouldn’t hurt a fly. She’s a gentle woman devoted to bringing up her kids in the right way, no matter how hard times get.

But there’s another side to Liz—one which is dark and malicious. A version of her who will do anything to get her way, no matter how extreme or violent.

And when this other side of her takes control, the consequences are devastating.

The only way Liz can save herself and her family is if she can find out where this new alter-ego has come from, and how she can stop it.

My Review; Don’t let the size of this book put you off, it may be 500 pages but it is a bloody brilliant story. Well worth the read!

Someone Like Me is well written and a story that will hold your attention from the first page to the last page. A big part of this story is mental health, which personally we need to highlight more especially as there has been a rise in the mental health sector in current times.

It is gripping, thrilling, fast paced, tense and dark (in parts). I found that Liz was a strong character and determined not to give up for her children. A real page turner. A story you can’t really describe… Except I loved it. It’s a story that the reader has to personally read to understand. A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend!

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