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*BLOG TOUR* The Second Wife – Sheryl Browne ★★★★

Blurb; She made her bed. You’ll lie in it.

Rebecca and Nicole swore to be best friends forever. But three years after they last met up, Rebecca receives a phone call from Nicole’s devoted husband, Richard. Nicole is dead, a tragic suicide. Drowned in a river close to her family home, Richard was the one who pulled her body from the water. Now he can’t even speak about what happened.

While Rebecca reels from the news, she reads her friend’s last letters to her and begins to wonder if she knew Nicole at all. What secrets was she keeping from all the people who knew and loved her?

As Rebecca gets closer and closer to Richard, things go too far and she begins to slip into Nicole’s old life – staying in her home, sleeping in her bed… But if she’s going to become the wife Nicole never was, can she keep herself safe?

My Review; This was such a good read. From the beginning I felt tense, on the edge of my seat and on high alert, not trusting any of the characters. The prologue made me feel that way… I was judging each character from the start.

The story is told through each of the characters and flicks from the past (a year ago) to the present but the author states this clearly so there is no confusion for the reader. Brilliantly written and contains short chapters.

I felt so sorry for Nicoles character and what she had experienced. Rebecca is a fab character, loved her taking on the role of detective to find out what really happened to Nicole. However, at times I thought she lost herself and got too into the point of what she was doing.

Richards character is the perfect man in all ways. Or is he? I felt Olivia was a little manipulating, jealous, spoilt and spiteful girl… hmm.

A well deserved four stars. Highly recommend. Gripping. An unexpected OMG, jaw dropping outcome. Absolutely brilliant. Cleverly written. I enjoyed this one.. Very clever.

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