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The Flower Girls – Alice Clark-Platts ★★★★★


The Flower Girls. Laurel and Primrose.

One convicted of murder, the other given a new identity.

Now, nineteen years later, another child has gone missing.

And The Flower Girls are about to hit the headlines all over again…

My Review; I have been wanting to read this for ages and finally got some time to read it! Hurray. This story is brilliantly written, fast paced.

The Flower Girls is a story about two young sisters at the time and a murder, but what actually happened that day? Were they too young to be held responsible? Innocent? Guilty? This story flicks from the past incident in 1997 to the present but is clearly stated so the reader is not confused.

Chapter one alone is bound to drag the reader in and get their attention, well it did for me. I actually learnt a lot about the law and judicial system for what happens if a child is accused of a crime. Shocking. This book is one that will be hard to forget.

Your feelings towards the characters will change throughout especially towards the flower girl sisters. A brilliantly, well thought out, clever and twisted story especially towards the end. I would highly recommend this story and have awarded a well deserved five stars. I enjoyed reading this one, devoured it.

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