*BLOG TOUR* The One Who’s Not The One – Keris Stainton ★★★★★

Blurb; Cat’s life has hit a brick wall. Since she broke up with her ex Sam five years ago she’s quit stand-up comedy, landed in a steady but dull job, and lives in a tiny flat with roommates she knows only as The One Who Eats All My Food and The One Who Has Really Loud Sex.

Cat, by contrast, is vividly aware that she hasn’t had sex for over two years.

So when she bumps into old friend Harvey and sparks fly, Cat is surprised. The more time she spends with Harvey, the more their chemistry grows – but Cat knows she has to ignore her feelings.

Because Harvey is Sam’s brother, and so absolutely, 100% off-limits romantically. If only Cat didn’t keep forgetting that…

My Review; This is bloody brilliant and just what I needed. Cat and Kelly are the perfect bestfriends, they felt like my crazy, nutter friends who I’ve known forever. Brilliantly written. Parts had me laughing out loud!

The prologue is perfect and does link back to the story towards the end. The ending also perfect! I absolutely loved this. It really cheered me up. The whole story was the perfect, must read chick-lit. One not to be missed! A diamond. One I won’t forget. Still laughing at parts now while writing this review.

Highly recommend. An easy, well deserved five stars. Brilliant. This book has it all. Very impressed. Short but honest review. A must buy a must read. Perfect.

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