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*BLOG TOUR* The Refuge – Jo Fenton ★★★★

Blurb; Following the death of The Brotherhood’s charismatic but sinister leader, Dominic, Melissa and her husband Mark resolve to turn the Abbey into a refuge for victims of domestic abuse. But when Melissa’s long-lost sister, Jess, turns up at the Abbey, new complications arise.

The Abbey residents welcome the new arrival but find it hard to cope with the after-effects of her past. As Jess struggles to come to terms with what she’s been through, her sudden freedom brings unforeseen difficulties. The appearance of a stalker – who bears a striking resemblance to the man who kept her prisoner for nine years – leads to serious problems for Jess.

Meanwhile, Mark also finds that his past is coming back to haunt him. When a mother and daughter venture from the Abbey into the local town for a shopping trip, there are dreadful consequences.

A build-up of tension, a poorly baby and a well-planned trap lead Mel, Jess and their family into a terrifying situation.

Can Jess overcome the traumas of her past to rescue her sister?

My review; This book follows on from the ending of the Brotherhood, so I would recommend reading The Brotherhood first as there will be a lot of spoilers in The Refuge.

After finishing The Brotherhood I didn’t think things could get much worse… Boy was I wrong. In this story we see the return of Mels sister Jess. But that seems to come at a price. Is anyone safe? The Refuge and the people inside become trapped to the outside world… It’s not as dark as The Brotherhood but still shocking, thrilling, jaw dropping and a real pager turn which I devoured in two days.

Towards the end everything starts to link together and unravel. I promise you it will shock you, have your heart pounding and on the edge on your seat. I kept holding my breathe. But yet again it finishes with a positive ending which FYI I do not trust… A well deserved four stars from me and highly recommend.

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