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*BLOG TOUR* The Friendship Pact – Alison James ★★★★

Blurb; I’m Lucy, and I have a secret.
I have a beautiful home, that I’m desperate to escape.
But that’s not my secret.
I tell my friends I’ve never wanted children, when I always have.
But that’s not my secret.
My husband is a celebrated surgeon, who tries to control me.
But that’s not my secret.

Adele knows.
Once upon a time, I knew everything about her and she knew everything about me.
Best friends forever.
But now our secret is beginning to surface.
I can trust her more than anyone. We made a pact.
And she’s never do anything to hurt me. Would she?

My Review; This is the story of Lucy… It flicks back to the past when she was only a little girl but the majority of the story is in the present. Adele is also a part of this story as one of Lucys ‘friends’ as they share a dark, hidden secret.

I was beside Lucy the whole way through this, I felt sorry for what she had to go through and experience… There is a part half way through the story that just made my jaw drop and shout “WHAT!”. But if I’m being honest I’m glad it happened. However, even after that shocker life isn’t peaceful for Lucy…

There were two characters I didn’t like in this story and surprise, surprise they were both men. Denny and Lucys husband. Both horrible, evil men. However, Lucy could have easily avoided ever meeting Denny.

A brilliantly written story, a well deserved four stars from me. I enjoyed reading this one. A real page turner you could easily read in one sitting. Highly recommend.

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