Morecambe & Vice – I’ve Been Watching You by K.A Richardson ★★★★

Blurb; Ben Cassidy has a hard job balancing single motherhood with her career as a Crime Scene Investigator.

While taking a course in Digital Forensics she meets the charming Jacob Tully, an ex army war veteran struggling with his past.

While the team investigate the apparent hit and run of a care home worker, Ben suspects there is more to it. As events unfold she discovers the connection to a series of murders much closer to home.

To catch the killer, can she confront the demons from her past?

Will the team piece together the evidence before it’s too late?

The hunt is on for a twisted killer and this will be their deadliest challenge yet.

The team are back in the second novel from the gripping North East Police series.

My Review; I’ve Been Watching You is book number one is the Forensic Files series, we are going back to the beginning where it all started! I have read another book in this series but obviously not in order d’oh.

This story is written brilliantly, it’s gripping, thrilling, fast paced and has you on the edge on your seat flicking through the pages. Parts of this story are a little dark, twisted and can have you feeling a little uncomfortable.

Ben! Where do I even begin with this amazing, strong and determined character. I absolutely loved her throughout. She had my heart after what she survived and which later returns. Her relationship with Jacob is the cutest!

A well deserved four stars from me. A series I need to find time to read and binge through. Highly recommend.

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Author bio;
KA Richardson lives in the North East of England with her husband Peter, and two dogs. She loves writing books set in the area and is passionate about the people and the area in general. KA Richardson is the author of With Deadly Intent, a crime novel published by Caffeine Nights, as well as being the UK best-selling author of the Forensic Files which is a forensic-based police procedural series published by Bloodhound Books. KA has also contributed a short story to the Dark Minds anthology – all proceeds for this novel go to charities, Sophie’s Place and Hospice UK. She loves nothing more than holing up in coffee shops and writing – she has been known to use real descriptions obtained during these jaunts to help her build characters.

Social media links;
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ka.richardsonwriter
twitter: @kerryann77
instagram: @kerryann77
website: http://www.kerryannrichardson.com

5 Questions for K.A Richardson;
1) Do you have a writing routine?
I don’t have a set routine though I do something writing related every day, whether it’s plotting or character building, actual writing or even just thinking and making notes. When I sit down at my bureau to write, one absolute must have is a hot cup of coffee because once I sit to write I don’t tend to move for a while.

2) Which is your personal favourite book out of them all?

Out of the 6 I’ve currently had published, my personal favourite depends on what aspect you mean. My favourite characters are from I’ve Been Watching You. I love Ben’s character – she’s overcome a lot and still pushes through when tough times happen. I love Jacob too – had a full on author crush as I was writing him. My favourite story/plot is Under The Woods. I love the darkness and creepy feel to the novel.

3) Which book did you find the hardest to write?

The hardest was probably Watch You Burn – it took me the longest to write because I had a bout of depression which set in about half way through – not writing related depression but I’ve suffered on and off for 20 years. I found it really difficult to write – I was bullied badly as a teenager and writing the bullying aspect of the novel brought memories to the front. I identified with the characters quite easily but it was tough to write because of the memories but also because it was written in fits and starts. Overall it took me 2 years to write from start to publication.

4) How did you first getting into writing and becoming an author?

I’ve always written – ever since being a child. I used to write stories for my school teachers and staple the pages together. They used to be mysteries about cats. I had my first poem published at around 7 yrs old. Then life got in the way as I got older and though I still loved writing, I guess I didn’t really think I could be a writer. I went to see a psychic in 2010 who, half way through the reading, stopped in horror and asked why I wasn’t writing. He said it was my passion and he could see me signing in Waterstones so why wasn’t I doing it. And my answer was that he was right – i loved it. And wasn’t doing it. I enrolled on my Masters in Creative Writing the next day and passed that in 2011. My dissertation was the first 15k of my first novel, With Deadly Intent. I kept writing and the rest as they say, is history.

5) Any tips for those who aspire to write their own book(s)?

Put pen to paper and get it started – all writers have doubts and starting writing is the only way to overcome them. Don’t worry about polishing it until you’re done – but get it started and make time to continue it. Whether it’s 15 minutes on a morning before work, or during lunch breaks at work, or even when you wake up at 2am. It only takes a little time each day and it will start to take shape and you’ll find you want to dedicate more time to doing it. The rest will all come but you can’t submit or ask opinions until it’s done. So just get writing!!

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