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*BLOG TOUR* My Best Mistake – Carole Wolfe ★★★★

Blurb; A lawsuit, an ex-husband, and a hotel full of men. Just another crazy day in the life of a single mom…

Tasha Gerome tries to find the funny side of her everyday disasters. It’s just about the only thing that gets the single mother of twins through her chaotic life. Well, that and a comfy pair of piggy slippers. But not everyone appreciates her brand of humor…

Her deadbeat ex-husband certainly doesn’t get her jokes as he returns to town to bother her and the twins. A famous doctor threatens her with legal action over a misunderstanding. And her mother is more concerned with Tasha’s single status than her humor, dragging her kicking and screaming back into the dating game…

One thing is for certain. Fixing her legal troubles, getting rid of her ex, and finding a new man will take a whole lot of laughter… and a little help from her family…

My Best Mistake is a down-to-earth women’s fiction novel that celebrates a single mother’s courage and comedy. If you like sweet romance, snarky humor, and characters who tell it like it is, then you’ll love Carole Wolfe’s hilarious tale.

My Review; I loved this. I think Tasha and me could be best friends! She’s messy, funny, rich, lively and never a dull moment with her around. This is a brutally honest look into many mothers lives around the world and we can all relate to at least one thing with Tasha.

It’s a short read at just under 200 pages so perfect! Contains short chapters and was an easy, light-hearted read. It was nice to leave my chaotic life and dive into hers and I love her piggy slippers. Oink!

Entertaining. Funny. Hilarious. Brutally honest. What more could you want? A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend.

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