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My Last Confession – Helen Fitzgerald ★★★★★

Blurb; Relieved to have put all the troubles of her recent past behind her, Krissie Donald is revelling in her newfound happiness with toddler son, Robbie, and boyfriend, Chas. Yes, life is definitely on the up and up for Krissie, even more so when she successfully applies for a position as a parole officer. Her new job quickly brings her into contact with Jeremy Bagshaw, an English toff who stands out likes dog’s balls amidst the Glaswegian thugs he’s serving time with. Imprisoned for a gruesome murder he swears he’s innocent of, Jeremy is charming to Krissie, who becomes increasingly convinced he’s doing time for a crime he didn’t commit. Such is Krissie’s belief in Jeremy’s innocence that she campaigns for his release from prison. Sex, death and general mayhem follow, with the suspense building to a nail-biting crescendo.

My Review; As I was reviewing this I noticed this is meant to follow on after Dead Lovely which I have not read yet. However, I am going straight into dead lovely. It read fine as a standalone. Yet again another brilliant story I got stuck into!

In this story Krissie has a new job and an interesting one too, a parole officer. Things soon do not seem as great as she first expected, work starts to take her away from her family, her life. She turns into a detective which isn’t her job and gets it all completely wrong. She’s told offenders too much about herself and got too into her job.

Similar to cat and mouse. She messed up and life starts to become dangerous and scary for her. Making it a fast paced, thrilling edge of your seat read to see it all unfold. A happyish ending for a change. But did she learn her lesson? Loved it! A well deserved five stars. Highly recommend.

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