Skint Estate; A Memoir of Poverty, Motherhood & Survival – Cash Carraway ★★★★

Blurb; Cash Carraway is a single mum living in temporary accommodation. She’s been moved around the system since she left home at sixteen. She’s also been called a stain on society. And she’s caught in a poverty trap.

Skint Estate is the hard-hitting debut memoir about impoverishment, loneliness and violence – set against a grim landscape of sink estates, police cells, refuges and peepshows.

My Review; This isn’t my usual read as you could probably tell if you read my blog, but I saw this in the library and was interested. I’m lucky enough to have never been homeless or wonder where my next meal came from. I’m not rich but I have more than a lot of people in the UK.

I feel like I’ve read this book at the perfect time with the upcoming election and this book is real, everything in this book did happen, it’s not fiction. In fact many women and low income families face this everyday even in 2019, which is heartbreaking, disgusting and shocking.

Cash Carraway should be proud. She used her voice. She has told her story. There are thousands out there just like her. It’s an eye opening, thought provoking and hard hitting story. Well done for putting it out there. Very brave. Be proud! A well deserved four star read from me.

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One thought on “Skint Estate; A Memoir of Poverty, Motherhood & Survival – Cash Carraway ★★★★

  1. It’s hard to imagine being homeless, especially when it begins to get really cold. Some of the shelters around me will only house women and children and I understand why, but at the same time I hate that men have fewer places to go because of the possibility of them being predators. I’m 25 with a lot of mental health problems and if my parents didn’t let me stay at home I don’t know where I’d go. This sounds like an good book, and I’d be interested in seeing a comparison with these issues in the UK Vs. the U.S.

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