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*BLOG TOUR* Jack Janson & The Storm Caller – Andrew Marsh ★★★★

Blurb; Jack Janson is nearly fourteen, an only child living with his parents who hate him almost as much as they hate each other. The only good things about his life are the girl next door, Sarah-Jane Farmer, whom he adores, and his Granny Jean in Cornwall who he spends the summer holidays with.

His gran is cool but she has been hiding a HUGE secret. As her health fails, she decides to share the secret with Jack.

Gran leads Jack to a cave.

“Boom Tom tum” a loud voice echoes and a rock opens up to reveal a young giant called Winfred Storm Caller. Gran has been looking after the friendly giant since pirates killed his mother, but she now needs Jack to care for Winfred.

Sarah-Jane arrives to help and they uncover The Book Of Lore hidden in the cave.

What magic does it possess?

Have they found a way to get Winfred home to his own lands?

Are Sarah-Jane and Jack brave enough to use the book to save Granny Jean’s life?

My Review; I wan’t to start by staying I didn’t think I’d enjoy this book that much… Boy was I wrong. It was brilliant and I was hooked. Teach me to judge a book! Tut tut. It is brilliantly written. Easy reading.

I loved the main character Jack. You get to see two sides to him in this story. The side when he’s around his parents… Shy. Quiet. Nervous. Then we get to see the side of him around his grandma, he is a whole different boy… Happy. Confident. loud. Jacks friendship with SJ is beautiful too we all need a friend like that. I also loved Winfred the big giant, similar to bfg in my mind. All the characters in this story learn something valuable and important… With a happy ending for all! A perfect low fantasy story which I really enjoyed.

Perfect read for young adult and teenage fantasy readers. A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend. With thanks to the blog tour for letting me read this cause without I probably never would have read it!

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