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Dead Popular – Sue Wallman ★★★★


Kate has fought hard to be popular, and now as House Prefect of her boarding house, Pankhurst, with all the power it comes with, she’s determined to enjoy it. Clemmie, her rival, is watching. Events kick off when a student’s artwork in the common room becomes an unofficial noticeboard of secrets, posted anonymously. But there are students who can’t afford to have their secrets made public.

I wanted to write about the pressures on a teenager to blend in, but also to be someone special, either in front of other people or online. I observe it often in my job in a secondary school library.

There are different ways of being popular, and some of them come at a high cost.

I hope you are ready to be creeped out!

My Review; This is a perfect young adult story which is set in a ‘posh’ boarding school. Brilliantly written. Can easily be read in one sitting. I found it an easy read but one I throughally enjoyed and loved. I love the cover too. This book is typical YA it has romance, parties, drama, school, lies, secrets and death! That’s what makes this one a little different and a little brilliant.

Kate is house prefect but like the rest of the girls within the school she has a secret too. These secrets are soon outed to them all by being pinned on a canvas within the school, but who is doing this and how do they know? There’s a new woman incharge this term and not many girls approve or like her, this comes back towards the end of the book. It’s Kates turn to host a party this term and she is determined to throw the biggest and best party ever. But that all ends with a death… What actually happened?

With an explosive ending. An a shocking twist to the story that I never saw coming this is one to add on to your list/pile. A year at this school noone will forget. A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend. Enjoyed it.

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