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Riverdale: The Maple Murders – Micol Ostow ★★★★

Blurb; Riverdale is clamoring with excitement over news that an old town tradition is suddenly being revived: the Riverdale Revels.

The festival supposedly has a long history, dating back to the town’s settlers’ first successful maple tapping. But there’s no record of the Revels anywhere. Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead think there must be more to the story. And when a skeleton is uncovered in a 75-year-old time capsule on the first night of the festival, they know they’re right.

But a dead body in a maple barrel isn’t the only drama surrounding the Revels. The Royal Maple pageant (open to all Riverdale teens) is in full swing, but “accidents” keep befalling the contestants, including the gang’s friends.

Someone is clearly trying to put an end to the Revels once and for all — but who? And more importantly, why? Can Archie and his friends put a stop to the sabotage before someone puts a stop to them?

My Review; This is book three in the Riverdale series best read in order. These books are getting better and better. This book focuses on bringing back an old town tradition. But the gang want to know more about this tradition… Why did it stop? Whats it about? They soon find it has a deadly twist and noone wants to talk about it. But after digging up a time barrel 75 years old, they soon have to start talking about it and its shocking.

A suspense filled story. A dark twist. Brilliant read. Devoured it in a day. Highly recommend. Four stars from me. According to Amazon this story doesn’t feature in the tv series.

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