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*BLOG TOUR* Wedding Bells in Merriment Bay – Emily Harvale ★★★★

Blurb; Change is in the air as wedding bells ring out in Merriment Bay.
Cat’s determined to propose to Amias. Well, it is a leap year so it’s fine for women to do the asking, and besides, it took him eighteen years to tell her how he felt. She’s not going to wait for him to pop the question. All she needs to do is find the perfect time and place.
Kyra’s fallen for Francis Raine, who seems happy to flirt and exchange banter but hasn’t actually asked her out. Does he reciprocate her feelings, or is he this way with every girl he meets? There’s only one way to find out. She’ll ask him on a date … as soon as he returns to Merriment Bay.
Mary’s leaving Devon Villa after a lifetime spent in the house. She’s never lived alone so it’s both an exciting and a terrifying prospect. But change is good, isn’t it? Perhaps it’s time she tried a few other new things too.
The Devon women want to move on to the next chapters in their lives. And as Viola Devon used to say before she died, “The only one who can write your own life story as you want it, is you.” Although Viola’s didn’t work out too well. Will Cat, Kyra, and Mary have better luck with theirs?

My Review; I’ve read a lot by Emily Harvale and I love them. They’re shortish stories that you can just lose yourself into. Cute little towns with great communities full of stories. This was no different. This is book three in the Merriment Bay series but reads well as a standalone.

This book is full of romance, proposals, marriages and babies. All of it! We get several happy endings in this story instead of one. There may be a lot going on in Merriment Bay but they’re not all trying to beat each other or battle it out. They’re all supporting each other and just want their happy endings. I’ve fallen in love with Merriment Bay. Full of happy stories, friendship, family and love.

A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend. They’re all stories that make you smile and feel like your part of the town and the characters are your friends. Beautiful.

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