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Revenge – James Patterson & Andrew Holmes ★★★★★


Former SAS soldier David Shelley was part of the most covert operations team in the special forces. Now settling down to civilian life in London, he has plans for a safer and more stable existence. But the shocking death of a young woman Shelley once helped protect puts those plans on hold.


The police rule the death a suicide but the grieving parents can’t accept their beloved Emma would take her own life. They need to find out what really happened, and they turn to their former bodyguard, Shelley, for help.


When they discover that Emma had fallen into a dark and seedy world of drugs and online pornography, the father demands retribution.

But his desire for revenge will make enemies of people that even Shelley may not be able to protect them from, and take them into a war from which there may be no escape.

My Review; If you’ve been following me for a while now you will know I’m a huge James Patterson fan. He never disappoints me and I love his writing style. I can easily finish his books in hours which I did with this one.

Once I picked this up I didn’t put it down. Emma has killed herself live on stream to many people. Her family and friends are out for revenge but against the big people you don’t mess with. The story highlights that sometimes even in crisis you cant trust those closest to you. They may turn against you. It’s a real page turner. Throughally enjoyed it. An explosive ending.

A well deserved five stars. Highly recommend. Brilliant read. Gripping. Fast paced. Deadly.

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2 thoughts on “Revenge – James Patterson & Andrew Holmes ★★★★★

  1. It has been ages since I’ve read a James Patterson book – I went through a phase a few years ago and devoured loads of his back catalogue, I loved his short and snappy chapter style.
    Good review 🙂


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