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*BLOG TOUR* Saint Justice – Mike Grist ★★★★

Blurb; Hundreds of human cages hidden in the desert. A small-town police department wiped out. One man with nothing to lose.

He goes by Christopher Wren, but that’s not his real name. As a legendary DELTA operator he dismantled terrorist cults, drug cartels and corporate conspiracies all around the world – but what cost him that job was the one thing he didn’t tell his CIA bosses.

While taking dangerous organizations apart for Uncle Sam, Wren was building his own on the side – a vigilante army of ex-cons, hackers and disgraced marines set to come to his aid at a moment’s notice.

He’s going to need them now.

My Review; This is book one in the Christopher Wren series and what a brilliant start to the series. I would love to continue reading this series. Within the first few pages I was hooked, intrigued. It is a fast paced story with plenty going on to keep the readers attention.

Christopher is the main character… He’s clever, determined, brave and will not give up until hes finished the job and solved the case. Even if that means putting himself at risk. A page turner of a read. Brilliantly written. Full of action.

A well deserved four stars. A new author for me. Highly recommend. Perfect for fans of Lee Child. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Christopher in this series.

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