mystery · suspense · Young adult

Follow Me Back – Nicci Cloke. ★★★★

Blurb; A thrilling read, for fans of Gone Girl and We Were Liars.

There was no sign of a struggle, they whisper to each other. She took her phone but left her laptop behind.
Apparently, she’d met someone online, they write to each other in class, phones buzzing.
She ran away. She was taken.

The first time Aiden Kendrick hears about Lizzie Summersall’s disappearance is when the police appear at his front door. He and Lizzie used to be friends; they aren’t anymore. And when Aiden finds out that Lizzie had been talking to strangers on Facebook; that the police think she went to meet one of them, he begins to wonder how well he ever really knew her, and Aiden doesn’t know it yet, but with Lizzie’s disappearance his life is about to take a twisted and desperate turn.

My Review; This is one from my library pile. A YA, mystery. A girl goes missing but what really happened to her? There is a huge jaw dropping moment in this book that noone could see coming. A very cleverly written story. A page turner that knows how to capture the readers attention.

It’s a fast paced, easy read. The layout of the book contains a text message style in parts and it really is a perfect YA story with a happy ending. For me this was a cover pick and intriguing. It highlights the dangers of social media and talking to strangers which we all need to be aware of especially youngsters. Plenty of information left hidden from the investigation. Plenty of lies, secrets and deciet are about to become to light. Can they find her before it’s too late? Gripping. Thrilling. Tense.

Would highly recommend! A well deserved four stars from me.

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