Young adult

Escape – Emma Eggleston ★★★★

Blurb; Laila is Richardsville High’s quirky girl. She’s just biding her time until graduation when she has an unusual encounter with Matty, the all-American boy next door. When Matty and Laila start to talk, he shares a secret with her. He’s a part of a clinical study for a medication called effugium and it can really transport him to other places and times. Will Laila trust Matty enough to try the effugium?

My Review; I was asked to review this by the author all thoughts are my own I was not paid or influenced. I just got the book in return for a review. Escape is an easy, shortish, YA read which focuses on two misfits/loners who come together and form a beautiful friendship. Laila and Matty.

It is brilliantly written and told through each of the characters. It was a pure escapism read for me. Adventure. Within the story these two share experiences/adventures by taking a pill. These then transfer them to places in the future or the past, you never know until you get there. All you have to do to leave is wish you were back to normal life.

Towards the end it does turn into a serious read. Highlighting the affects of substance misuse. The danger. The affect on family and friends. But a happy ending! I really enjoyed reading this one. Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars.

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