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The Forest of Moon and Sword – Amy Raphael ★★★★

Blurb; When Art’s mother is accused of witchcraft, she is determined to get her back – at any cost. A lyrical adventure with folklore at its heart, for fans of THE HOUSE WITH CHICKEN LEGS.

Twelve-year-old Art lives in a small village in Scotland. Her mother has always made potions that cure the sick, but now the townspeople say she is a witch.

One cloudless night, Art’s mother is accused of Witchcraft, arrested, and taken from Scotland to England. Art mounts her horse, taking a sword, a tightrope, and a herbal recipe book, and begins a journey through wild forests to find her mother before summer solstice, using nature’s signs and symbols to guide her.

On her journey, Art will discover what sacrifices she will need to make to be reunited with her mother – and to alter the fate of women everywhere. But will she reach her, before it’s too late?

My Review; I got this through the Amazon Vine reviewers programme and I was instantly drawn to the gorgeous cover. This is a YA/older children’s book but I read all sorts there isn’t an age limit to reading anything. I absolutely loved all of this story. I devoured it in hours. Its easy reading for an adult, set out beautifully with some gorgeous illustrations throughout. It’s all about witches, the hunt for them and the drowning/hanging of them in England, Essex.

Main character Art’s mother has been taken and presumed a witch! Art is on a journey to save her mother before it’s too late but she cannot do it alone. Such a beautiful and powerful story. Art is strong, determined and very brave to go against that many people. Will she be able to save her mother in time? Loved it all! Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars.

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