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The House On Abigail Lane – Kealan Patrick Burke ★★★★

Blurb; From the outside, it looks like an ordinary American home, but since its construction in 1956, people have vanished as soon as they go upstairs, the only clues the things they leave behind: a wedding ring, a phone…an eye.

In its sixty-year history, a record number of strange events have been attributed to the house, from the neighbors waking up to find themselves standing in the yard outside, to the grieving man who vanished before a police officer’s eyes. The animals gathering in the yard as if summoned. The people who speak in reverse. The lights and sounds. The music. The grass dying overnight…and the ten-foot clown on the second floor.

And as long as there are mysteries, people will be compelled to solve them.

Here, then, is the most comprehensive account of the Abigail House phenomenon, the result of sixty years of eyewitness accounts, news reports, scientific research, and parapsychological investigations, all in an attempt to decode the enduring mystery that is…


My Review; I am slowly working my way through this author’s books and this was another spooky read surrounding a house, disappearances and strange goings on. A page turner of a read! Addictive. Fast paced and gripping.

A very strange read I still don’t think I fully understand. Very strange. A scene got me bad in this book and it contained a clown. I despise clowns. Absolutely hate them. They scare me. So that was the horror part for me within this story. I just want to know where are all those who disappeared? Hmm.

Brilliantly written. A well deserved four stars from me. Another short read at 100 pages. Highly recommend. The cover is creepy too.

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