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*BLOG TOUR* The Heretic’s Mark – S.W. Perry ★★★★

Blurb; The Elizabethan world is in flux. Radical new ideas are challenging the old. But the quest for knowledge can lead down dangerous paths…

London, 1594. The Queen’s physician has been executed for treason, and conspiracy theories flood the streets. When Nicholas Shelby, unorthodox physician and unwilling associate of spymaster Robert Cecil, is accused of being part of the plot, he and his new wife Bianca must flee for their lives.

With agents of the Crown on their tail, they make for Padua, following the ancient pilgrimage route, the Via Francigena. But the pursuing English aren’t the only threat Nicholas and Bianca face. Hella, a strange and fervently religious young woman, has joined them on their journey. When the trio finally reach relative safety, they become embroiled in a radical and dangerous scheme to shatter the old world’s limits of knowledge. But Hella’s dire predictions of an impending apocalypse, and the brutal murder of a friend of Bianca’s forces them to wonder: who is this troublingly pious woman? And what does she want?

My Review; I have been with this series from the start and I just love everything about it. It’s historical, it’s mystery, it’s adventure and it’s death. Just wow. I hope there’s more to come. This is book four in the series and it is best to read in order as this one carries straight on from what happened in book three.

These books just take you back in time they’re very descriptive so easy to imagine. It was brilliant to be back with Bianca, Nicholas, Ned and Rose. The Jackdaw is being rebuilt! But Nicholas is on the run to save his life, ofcourse Bianca is with him. They both embark on a long journey to protect themselves from harm but soon find themselves with a stranger alongside them for most of the way. Cue Hella Maas… A stranger character, unpredictable and for me she was scary. You never knew what she would do or say next. She kept me on edge. I was not a fan of her character at all. However, at times I did feel quite sorry for her.

So S.W. Perry has done it again another beautiful cover, another brilliant book! I cannot wait to see what happens next. This is a series I could read on and on and on about and never get bored. Something different genre wise for me. A real page turner, addictive read. Loved it all. Highly recommend this whole series and the newest installment. A well deserved four stars from me. Now I’ve got to wait for the next book… Sigh.

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