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Stay Home – Ava Pierce ★★★★



Caitlin has been having an affair for over a year when the country enters lock down. Suddenly, seeing her lover, Daniel, without alerting her husband becomes almost impossible. When she does manage to sneak to his home, she finds him lying in a pool of his own blood, dead.


Ali is a just-about-functioning alcoholic, recently laid off, and feeling rather lonely. Each day she goes to her local shop to buy her permitted two bottles of wine, leaving food parcels for neighbors on her way home. While keeping an eye on what they are up to, of course.


Caitlin can’t tell a soul about what she has discovered for the risk of losing her family. Little does she know that Ali has noticed her coming and going and that she will be drawing her own conclusions.
As Caitlin delves into the life of the man who said he loved her, she finds that maybe she didn’t really know him at all. But if she wants to avoid suspicion, she needs to keep digging until they find Daniel’s killer. Because the doors may be locked, but everyone’s secrets are starting to leak out . . .

Stay Home is a timely story of dark secrets – affairs, addictions, habits and horrors – which are bought to the surface by these unprecedented times we find ourselves in. It explores the dark parts of people’s lives, while at the same time leading us on a breath-takingly twisty race to find a killer.

My Review; Oh wow. I knew it was coming but I’ve just read my first pandemic book! Now this seems its either a love it or hate it book. Maybe it was published too soon after Covid 19? Who knows. I am on the side of love. I absolutely loved this. Think covid 19 lockdown but with a murder, affairs and one nosey neighbour.

This kept me hooked and I devoured the majority of this book in one day. Gripping. Thrilling. Fast paced. Page turner. There’s a lot to this story. An unlikely friendship and death. I would never have guessed the outcome at all. Its a jaw dropping, clever outcome. Maybe non of this would have happened if people just stayed home huh?

Highly recommend. Will remember this story for a long time and I suppose there will be more pandemic books to come in the future but this was my first. A well deserved four stars. Brilliantly written.

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