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Tiger Warrior – M. Chan ★★★★

Blurb; When Jack’s grandpa gives him a magical jade coin, Jack finds himself caught in an ancient battle between good and evil. For he is the new Tiger Warrior, and it’s up to him to save the world!

Luckily, Jack has the spirits of the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac to help him. Tiger can harness the power of fire, Dragon can control water, Horse has lightning speed and the rest, well they’re just happy to be out of the jade coin for a bit! But other ancient spirits want the power of the Chinese Zodiac for themselves…

With a brilliant cast of magical animal zodiac creatures, deadly demons and spine-tingling spirits, this series is for fans of Adam Blade and Percy Jackson.

My Review; This is a short children’s read. Fantasy. Magic. Under 150 pages an easy read. One full of adventure and imagination. A huge battle. A whole new world. Great read. Beautifully illustrated throughout. Large font.

Jack is about to take on a whole new role in his life and with no training he has to fight against dragons but he has help and he isn’t alone. Will they defeat evil? Is he strong enough? Can he return back to the real world? Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars from me.

Amazon Link UK

Couldn’t find an Amazon US link. Apologies.

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