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Jailhouse Lawyer – James Patterson & Nancy Allen ★★★★

Blurb; A young lawyer takes on the judge who is destroying her hometown—and ends up in jail herself. James Patterson does John Grisham.

In picture-perfect Erva, Alabama, the most serious crimes are misdemeanors. Speeding tickets. Shoplifting. Contempt of court.

Then why is the jail so crowded? And why are so few prisoners released? There’s only one place to learn the truth behind these incriminating secrets.

Sometimes the best education a lawyer can get is a short stretch of hard time. 

My Review; Always loved anything by James Patterson and this did not disappoint. The only downside was that it was a hand cramper to hold being a thick hardback at just under 600 pages long. However, this is actually two stories in one book.

Book one is Jailhouse Lawyer and main character Martha finds herself in a new job and new town where she is up against Judge Pickens who I despised as soon as he was introduced. Martha is a determined character and mother to a little boy who will stand up for herself and others in this town but she’s up against the boss. Judge pickens has always gotten his own way, has too much power, he’s clever and he’s twisted. But Martha fights back after experiencing her own jail time and punishment. Will she win?

Book two is much shorter and called Power of Attorny. Main character Leah returns to her parents home and hometown after years away and lands herself represing a young woman called Amber. Amber for me was a tough character for me to figure out at first. Very wierd. Different. An outside in this town. But as the story evolves I started to feel really sorry for her character. This small town is against both Leah and Amber making life very difficult for them both. Leah does not give in for Amber. Will she win Amber’s case? A very detailed, descriptive, dark and twisted case.

A well deserved four stars from me. Highly recommend.

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