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My Evil Mother: A Short Story – Margaret Atwood ★★★

Blurb: Life is hard enough for a teenage girl in 1950s suburbia without having a mother who may—or may not—be a witch. A single mother at that. Sure, she fits in with her starched dresses, string of pearls, and floral aprons. Then there are the hushed and mystical consultations with neighborhood women in distress. The unsavory, mysterious plants in the flower beds. The divined warning to steer clear of a boyfriend whose fate is certainly doomed. But as the daughter of this bewitching homemaker comes of age and her mother’s claims become more and more outlandish, she begins to question everything she once took for granted.

My Review; My first book by this author and it is currently free for Amazon prime or Kindle Unlimited members. It is an extremely short read at 32 pages. A bit of a wierd read to be honest. One I felt I did get at first… Her mum was a witch or at least pretending to be a witch? But then I just felt I didn’t get the story at all. Like what was the point of it? Very wierd. Very confusing. But didn’t take me long to finish so wasn’t a waste of time. Half and half on this one, so it’s a three star read. Hmmm.

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