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Sea Keepers: The Missing Manatee – Coral Ripley ★★★★

Blurb; Sea Keepers to the rescue – a baby manatee needs their help! A magical series about saving our oceans.

Emily, Grace and Layla travel to the tropics to search for a magic pearl. But disaster strikes when evil Effluvia kidnaps a baby manatee and holds it for ransom. Effluvia demands a magic pearl in exchange for the little manatee. If the Sea Keepers give into the wicked siren, they won’t be able to stop her from releasing her siren sisters . . .

It’s up to the Sea Keepers to save the manatee – and the whole underwater world!

My Review; Sea Keepers – This is book nine in the sea keepers series, the first book I have read in this series. It does mention previous books before this one in beginning but it still reads fine as a Standalone. In this story we see three main characters Layla, Emily and Grace become mermaids also known as the sea keepers, there to protect and help all sea creatures and life under water. They soon find themselves having to help a young Manatee from the evil mermaid within the sea Effluvia who wants the magical pearl. The girls search for the magical pearl in order to save the young manatee but surely they won’t hand it over to her? Surely they can find another way to save this manatee. Beautiful black and white illustrations throughout. A magical, mermaid and underwater adventure with talking animals any little girl would love. Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars.

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