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The Shop Of Impossible Ice Creams – Shane Hegarty ★★★★

Blurb; Welcome to the Shop of Impossible Ice Creams! Step inside to discover a delicious world of magical adventure, from bestselling author Shane Hegarty. First in a comic, heart-warming illustrated series, for 7+ fans of The Nothing to See Here Hotel and Charlie Changes into a Chicken.

Limpet’s mum is opening an ice-cream shop, full of her favourite new flavours: mushroom and tuna ice cream, anyone? Roast parsnip and gravy?

Limpet’s not sure about this. He likes a nice, safe life. His favourite ice-cream flavour is vanilla.

But when wicked Mr Fluffy arrives with his Mega Emporium of Amazing and Spectacular Ice Creams, Limpet knows he’s got to fight back. And there are magic ingredients on his doorstep which can solve all his worries, if only he can get the recipe just right …

Illustrated throughout with fabulous black and white illustrations by Jeff Crowther and written by the bestselling author of Boot, this story will make you fall in love with reading.

My Review; A short, funny & easy children’s read. Beautifully illustrated throughout. Meet Limpet who has moved to a new town and with it comes a new ice cream business for his family (mum) but with a twist. Different icecream. Fish icecream? Spaghetti icecream? This place will have it. But they’ve got competition from another ice cream business. Will he fit in? Make friends? Will the ice cream shop flop and fail or succeed? Parts had me giggling away. A brilliant story for kids. I highly recommend it. A well deserved four stars from me.

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