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*BLOG TOUR* Dreams in a Jar – Kate Staves ★★★★★

Blurb; What if you could keep a little piece of your dreams to hold on to forever? Put on your favourite pyjamas and get ready for a magical journey through the land of dreams, collecting trinkets and souvenirs as we go! In this story, a flower isn’t just a flower…it’s a pixie hat! A rusty old bolt isn’t just a rusty old bolt…it’s a piece of a rocket ship that blasted past a star! Let’s collect up all of these precious treasures together and keep them somewhere safe…I know, how about in a special jar? A sweet, rhyming adventure story to share with your little dreamer.
For ages 2-8.

Charlotte aged 7: I loved this story. Loved all the pictures and adventures she went on through her dreams. I have lots of dreams too so maybe I should start a dream jar. I could read this myself and I really enjoyed it. I’d like to take it into school so I can share it with all my friends and maybe we could all make dream jars.

My Review; What a beautiful book for little ones. Both boys and girls. Beautifully illustrated throughout. Not too long but not too short either. My 6 year old could read this herself but I also read it to my 4 month old and 4 year old who also enjoyed it. A beautiful story all about dreams. Makes a good conversation after about your own children’s dreams. The dream jar idea is a good one but would be filled with lots of different things. My eldest enjoyed it. As a parent I would highly recommend this book. Full of imagination. A well deserved five stars.

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