Young adult

H.A.W.K.S – M.A. Bennett ★★★★★

Blurb: Greer has one last chance to defeat the shadowy, sinister cult that is the Dark Order of the Grand Stag. To do so, she must once again accept a dangerous invitation, this time to a midsummer hunt…

Nel and Shafeen will be there to protect her, and so will Henry de Warlencourt. But can Greer trust Henry? He is one of the murderous de Warlencourts after all, even though he insists he has changed sides. And Greer is drawn to both Shafeen and Henry. As their fraught love triangle evolves, should she put her life — and her heart — in Henry’s hands?

My Review: This cannot be the last book in the series. I refuse to accept that. No. No. No. I have loved every single book in this series and it’s finally all come to an end in this book. Fast paced. Devoured it. Loved it. Would highly recommend the whole series. A brilliant story to end the series on. An amazing ending! All the characters were familiar and it was like coming back home to be back in their world. A well deserved five stars I’m really going to miss their world and this series. Going into my top reads of 2022.

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