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Petal Pony – Linda Chapman ★★★★

Blurb; Harness the power of the elements with the Moonlight Riders! A brand-new series for young readers from bestselling author Linda Chapman, author of MY SECRET UNICORN and UNICORN ACADEMY.

Could you be a True Rider?

When a huge storm damages the stables, Jill is worried that she’ll have to close down the Moonlight Stables Riding School – permanently! Amara and the other True Riders are determined to not let that happen, and with the help of their elemental horses they set about to raise the money needed to repair the school. But on the night before their big fundraiser, Ivy storms the stables on her elemental horse and ruins all their hard work. The gang have only hours to fix the damage before their open day begins. What’s worse is Rose is sick from using her earth magic to repair the stables. Can the friends find the magical flower they need to heal her and still make the fundraiser in time? The future of Moonlight Stables is in their hands!

My Review; This is one for the young ladies in your life. Ponies. Magic. A rescue. A race against time. Fund raising. Meet the ponies but these are not just normal ponies these any ponies with magical powers and who chose their own rider. With their home (the stables) under threat and no money to fix it what will happen to these ponies and their riders? Can they come together to save their stables. Not in their enemy stables who plan to take over and use the same magic for evil know about it. Who will win? A magical adventure with a happy ending for young girls. Beautifully illustrated throughout. Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars.

Amazon Link UK

Apologies I couldn’t find an Amazon US Link.


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