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*BLOG TOUR* The 3am Shattered Mums Club – Nina Manning ★★★★

Blurb; Meet Aisha, Sophy and Mel. Three new mums. All absolutely shattered.

For her social media fans, influencer Sophy has the picture-perfect life. But why does she feel so lonely all the time?

Older mum Mel wasn’t planning on being a mum later in life. What does this all mean for the career that she loved? Can she ever go back?

And Aisha, whose much loved twin boys bring her so much joy, but have caused a rift in her own family that she isn’t sure she can ever fix.

Navigating this new world of motherhood is hard. And the only sanity these three friends have is their 3am mums’ club, where they can chat and support each other in the dark of the night as their babies, finally, finally sleep.

But in the still of the night, secrets are revealed that could turn all their lives upside down…. more than they already are!

My Review; Ofcourse I had to read this one just off the title alone. As many of you will know I have a 6 month old myself so it was scary how much I could relate to parts of this story and understand it all as I’m living through it myself. I also have my own little 3am mums club when we all up feeding or with just wide awake babies.

A very relateable story for many readers especially mothers. Some part of this book is bound to remind you of yourself. Parts are funny some more serious but a perfect read which follows three new mothers who find comfort and friendship within each other including a same sex couple who did IVF. I enjoyed it all! The babies. The mums. The ups. The downs. A brilliant read. Highly recommend! A well deserved four stars from me. I would have devoured this book but alas I had my own baby stopping me from doing that. Oh the irony.

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