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Talent Show Takeover: Book 2 – Kathy Weeks ★★★★

Blurb; My name is Harper Drew. I wasn’t sure I was going to carry on with this journal. I started it in the summer holidays to write down the mayhem happening around me. I thought it might have calmed down by now but I should have known better!

For starters there is a snake on the loose in my neighbourhood – a 6ft Python called Betty to be exact, my dad’s decided to re-tile the bathroom and NOBODY is allowed in there, and my older brother Troy seems to be constantly kitted out in expensive designer clothing. I’m the only one who has noticed he’s acting shifty …

But I need to focus on organising a talent show to raise money for the local foodbank. It’s going to be great … apart from the fact Troy seems to care more about gaining more followers, aka his “DesTroyers” on his YouTube channel, than he does about helping me out.

Can Harper find a way to show her brother that kindness is more important than being popular?

My Review; A brilliant story for all children. Yes, I’m 28 but even I still enjoyed this one. It is illustrated throughout in black and white and an easy, fun and silly read in parts. A snake is on the lose and there is a huge reward for its capture. Theres a bit of family drama involved which happens in all families and is happily resolved by the end of the book and a huge, successful fundraiser for those who need it most. A brilliant story to be enjoyed by all. I have not read book one before this and would say this read perfectly fine as a standalone for me. Highly recommend. A well deserved four stars from me.

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